Signapse AI - Breaking Barriers with an AI Sign Language Translator

Cinthya Zurita
February 11, 2024

Signapse AI is pioneering the field of digital accessibility with its AI-driven sign language translation technology, designed to bridge the communication gap for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Founded by a diverse team of successful entrepreneurs, leading researchers, and deep tech experts, Signapse AI emerged from the collective aspiration to provide real-time sign language interpretation​​.

The company utilizes Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and deep learning methodologies to create photo-realistic sign language translations, significantly changing how deaf people access information in public spaces. This approach not only enhances realism by generating videos that appear as if made by real signers but also improves user experience by making the content more engaging and accessible to deaf individuals​​.

Signapse AI’s technology is highly versatile, with applications spanning transportation, website content, and video translation. The technology enables automatic sign language announcements in public spaces like train stations and airports, providing accessibility for deaf passengers through both regular and emergency announcements. For websites, Signapse AI collaborates with project partners to make written text accessible in sign language, catering to an audience of up to 80,000 deaf people. Additionally, the company offers video translation services to improve content accessibility and reach a larger deaf audience​​.

The team behind Signapse AI is composed of deaf and hearing individuals, including CEO Sally Chalk, CTO Ben Saunders with a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence focused on Sign Language Translation, and Chief Research Officer Prof. Richard Bowden, a computer vision and AI specialist. Their combined expertise and passion for sign language and accessibility drive the company's innovative solutions​​.

Signapse AI's commitment to equality, partnership, and leadership reflects in its operations and vision. By fostering partnerships and ensuring the community has ownership and involvement in its products, Signapse AI is at the forefront of meaningful digital inclusion. The company's synthetic signers are created with the involvement of deaf actors and team members, ensuring cultural and linguistic awareness at every step​​.

As Signapse AI continues to evolve, its AI-powered sign language translation technology promises to bring about greater inclusion and accessibility for the deaf community, showcasing the profound impact of advanced AI and deep learning on societal challenges.